How meaning is more important than happiness

Meaning is more important than happiness yet many of us search for happiness over meaning. This can create an elusive target.

Psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl, specialised in helping his patients to find meaning.

Instead of “what do you want from life…” Dr Frankl often asked his patients “what does life want from you…”


This would often help his patients to find meaning. Why? Because they have become an agent or middleman between life and the world. As a result, the patient can become better connected and grounded within their destiny. 

This selfless perspective can help the individual to become centred and grounded in a task greater than themselves.


For example:


What do you want from your health? Function, ability, mobility, comfort

What does your health require of you? Regular exercise, good sleep, natural diet etc

Notice how the second provides an actionable, meaningful plan

What do you want from your working life? Good pay, holidays, camaraderie

What does your vocation require of you? Upskilling, effort, stoic nature, learning

Notice how the latter enables the former

And often these questions can create revelations that we needed to hear all along. You may want a pain free knee, but what does that knee need from you? 

This all comes back around to mindset and the psychological element of life which is often the greatest source for potential and grief.




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