Nutritionist Dan Woodgate has some natural hunger suppressants for you

Nutritionist Dan Woodgate has some natural hunger suppressants for you


Dan will be working with our clients to help them to lose weight and attain health in a sustainable manner. He has designed his own app to help them on their journeys


Dan’s time is included in your personal training packages too. Contact the clinic to sign up


But as it’s getting colder and we’re reaching for high energy comfort food, let’s talk about natural hunger suppressants so you stay full for longer. 


Dan first advocates going for higher quality foods. Research shows us the following when people consume a wholefood diet


  1. Blood sugar is more stable; great for diabetics and reduces peaks and troughs of hunger / energy
  2. Overall calorie consumption reduces by 20% without the participant even tracking calories
  3. Hydration increases; this is because whole foods contain more water. Once again, a hunger suppressant


Dan prides himself in helping his clients get to their ideal physique without the need of strict calories counting and rigid regimes


Book in with him. If you have personal training, it’s included in your packages


Want to speak to a health and fitness specialist? Go to to book in or call 01474 356 284!


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