I’m treating injuries for FREE on Saturday, July 30th

Are you in pain? I’m treating injuries for free on Saturday, July 30th. 


Last time it was a real hit!


We had countless enquiries and some great patients. 2 were referred back to their doctor to receive treatment that they had needed for months and another 2 patients are now symptom free after receiving the attention they desperately needed.


Best part is that they didn’t spend a penny and it also allowed our observing students to gain insight into what we can really do to help people. 


This is part of our work experience endeavour to increase people’s awareness of Osteopathy and to show prospective students what treating patients is all about.


Email info@revitalizeclinic.co.uk or message me on Facebook @revitalizeclinic to book in


For all other appointments, book in with your health specialist. Go to www.revitalizeclinic.co.uk/book-appointment to book in!

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