Our understanding of pain is changing

Our understanding of pain is changing in a fantastically productive way. 80 years ago, if you would have died, the most likely cause would have been a work place accident, poisoning, a bacterial infection and other conditions which you had no control over. 

However, times have changed.

Most of us will die of deaths that could have been delayed, and many of us live with complaints that we must be empowered over if we want to stand the best chance of recovery. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and yes, chronic pain. Thankfully, there is a growing shift in approach to healthcare. 

I talk to Danny Miller who has a fantastic story. After graduating as an osteopath, due to his frustration of not knowing enough to help his patients, Danny started to study to become a clinical health psychologist. 

Danny’s understanding of pain, desire, motivation, perspective is mind blowing and he also shares the desire to empower more people over their health outcomes. 

Give the interview a watch, and let me know what you think 


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