Trish explains what to do about low moods


Low moods can range from being transient to fairly consistent. The Buddhists say that “to live is to suffer” and accept it as a normal feature of life. Revitalize Counsellor, Trish interestingly mimics this mantra. Trish, trained in CBT, knows how to help you to work to see the space between the environment / sensation and your own being. 

This is why she advises working through or with low moods when possible. Often, our emotions can shift like the seasons and if we just hold on tight whilst moving one step at a time, we shock ourselves by what we can accomplish. This also shows us that we aren’t our emotions. The Chimp Paradox by Stephen Peters is a great read on this. The Chimp is our emotional side-kick that can sometimes cause a disruption but it certainly isn’t us. A lot of the time if we keep moving forward, the chimp can calm down on its own accord with a little bit of management. 

However, sometimes this chimp gets out of control and we need to talk. This is where Trish comes in. Trish can help to guide you through the ups and downs of poor mental health and into fresh understanding and control over your being. 

Go to to book a free consultation with her.

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