The benefits of Fibre | Shreds fat and fights cancer

The Macronutrient which fights cancer and strips fat that 97% of the population aren’t eating enough of
Did you know that if you eat a salad as a starter, you will eat 20% less calories in your following meal? The water and the fibre in salads increase satiety, slow digestion and can actually glue themselves to calorific food meaning that more calories pass out when we go to the toilet. 
And it doesn’t stop here. Foods high in fibre also tend to have more anti-oxidants which reduce cellular damage. This means less cancer and inflammatory diseases.

So why don’t we eat enough of it?

Well, we as human beings have an innate drive to do less and consume as many calories as possible. High fibre foods are less calorie dense, reduce calorie absorption and make us feel fuller. All result in less calories consumed. This is not the priority for hunter gatherers who are permanently living on the breadline when it comes to consuming enough calories BUT great during an obesity epidemic.
Our behaviours have evolved to prioritise spending less calories on movement and consuming more calories whilst eating.
Think about what would happen if a dog invented a TV? It would probably attach a treadmill to it and definitely wouldn’t think about inventing a remote control. 

This is also why our junk food tends to be so processed. We concentrate the calories and take out the fibre. 

  • Minced beef; beef so soft you barely have to chew it
  • chips have the skins removed and are deep fried in calorie rich oil
  • cheese is dehydrated milk, concentrating the fat content

I’ll give you some common examples of foods that you might eat every day and not even realise that you’re prioritising a reduction in fibre and an increase in energy (sugar and fat)

Breakfast: Starbucks Latte – from 200 to up to 300 drinkable calories (5 cups of chopped apples)

Lunch: Sandwich and crisps – up to 600 calories of deep fried potatoes, processed wheat, processed meat, dairy and butter with some low fibre salad if you’re lucky

Dinner: half a plate of pasta, chips, white rice (fibre eliminated or removed) with half a plate of meat (no fibre) and if you’re luck a small serving of veg

The drive to consume more calories leads to less fibre, more obesity, more cancer, diabetes, stroke etc. the list continues…
The solution? Eat more plants. Don’t even worry about being vegan or plant based. Just eat more plants. Most of your plate morning, afternoon and evening should look like it could have come straight from your garden. 
Foods that are high in fibre tend to have a rough texture to them or an outer casing

  • broccoli
  • beans
  • lentils
  • whole grains
  • apples

And if you need some help, don’t worry. Our Revitalize Personal Trainers based in Gravesend and Online come armed with delicious recipes and practical advice to help you to strip fat and feel great

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How Revitalize Clients Eat more Fibre 
“I’m a picky eater… I don’t like fruit and veg…”
We’ve heard it all before. But I bet you don’t complain about the strawberries in your daiquiri, the veggies in your Indian curry or the beans in your burrito.

The key? Our Revitalize clients know how to cook! Why? Because we teach them. We provide them with amazing recipes that are easy to prepare. Every meal is packed with fibre as well as essential nutrients so that they’re getting the food they need whilst having an amazing time eating it

In no time at all they’re preparing and loving

  • Breakfast: smoothies and delicious fruit bowls, fruit packed cereal bowls which are low calorie, high fibre and delicious
  • Lunch: salads, curries, open sandwiches and hearty stews which leave them fuller for longer
  • Snacks: which are quick, delicious, keep you satisfied and burning calories
  • Dinners and deserts: convenient to cook, takes little time and can be bulk cooked saving you precious time
  • Lifestyle tips: so when you are out and about, you know what to buy and where so that you’re less likely to gain weight when you’re unprepared

Find our more and book a free consultation by hitting the link

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