5G and COVID-19 | Thoughts and Rant

I have to admit. I was angry last night. I know 3 people who have died from COVID-19 whilst these 5G “whistle blowers” are telling people to go outside.

I was even told last night that death is a part of life and that I should get over it. Like I said I was angry. But now I feel sorry for them. Because a fool who is unaware that they’re a fool, is a compounded fool.
So instead I thought, let me tell them why they’re fools. But then I thought that might be a bit too complex. So I thought, let me show them why science is science and why they’re not scientific
Science exists because people are rationally flawed. Humans tend to think with emotions and ingrained beliefs rather than what is. Science protects us from this

Stage One: Hypothesis vs Null Hypothesis i.e. argument vs counter argument

When you start a scientific argument you start with a hypothesis. This is a theory based on good scientific theory that something is true. For the 5g whistleblowers to get to this point, they would need some scientific data that supports that something similar to 5g is dangerous. They are… barely here yet
This is like someone arguing that sugar is bad for you. Good start
You then go onto a null hypothesis or a counter argument. This allows you to balance your argument and show that you’re capable of more than linear thinking.
I.e. sugar has shown to cause diabetes but sugar is also in fruit which is good for us etc.
Or radiation has shown to cause cancer but it also heats our planet, provides vitamin D and helps plants to grow… so where is the truth?
You also can’t simply rely on your own observations because these are biased. This is why anecdotes are abandoned like “I can’t grow cress near my 5g tower” which is one I saw yesterday haha!
But you can also base a hypothesis on previous “like for like” findings. For example, have the properties of 5g been used before? And if so, what happened?
5g wave length has been used in airport scanners and radars and will initially use the same wave length as 4g
High frequency wave length doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dangerous for example light is up to 750 trillion Hz vs 5g which is 5 Billion Hz
5g is also not significantly ionising. It cannot cause cellular damage. See an article here https://www.howtogeek.com/423720/how-worried-should-you-be-about-the-health-risks-of-5g/

Stage Two: You set up a controlled environment and test the hypothesis

This would be the equivalent of exposing rodents to 5g wave frequency of the same ionising properties (strength of radiation)
For example there was a study that is often quoted because rats exposed to 2g and 3g radiation were shown to have developed cancer. However the amount of radiation they were exposed to dwarfs the amount that humans are exposed to from a mobile phone. It would be the equivalent of asking, “are Brits at risk of skin cancer if they average 15mins of sunlight exposure a day” and then asking those Brits to lay in the Australian sun with no protection for 10 hours a day…. you’ve nullified your own experiment
The rats were also exposed to radiation all over their body for far greater quantities of time and the number of rats that developed cancer could be due to chance and were only male. The results were therefore statistically insignificant. This is the equivalent of maybe finding 3 tumours out of 18000 rats tested
This study for example shows that there are no risks when exposing rats to 3g…. but they were only exposed for 20 days

Stage Three: Literature review

This is where we are far away from because the 5G Whistleblowers can’t even get past stage one. This is where scientists will take multiple studies, exclude the bad ones and ask what the general trend is. Ideally you want it to be peer reviewed
Ultimately the whole reason for science is to stop idiots from posting opinions and providing biased sources to back up their opinion…. which is exactly what most whistleblowers are doing
Ultimately, yes 5g is potentially dangerous as are a lot of things but atm we can say that based on the evidence there is no cause for concern.
What is more concerning is the below

“I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” Myth

Myths explain a lot about us. There seems to be a lot of individuals who want to be Moses. i.e. “I’ve been to the mountain top and I have this message for you. Follow me if you want to live”
It is narcissistic and responsible to lead people to disobey the wishes of national health services because you’re wearing your tin foil hat

Cain and Abel

There are a lot of Cains who potentially being upset with their place in society now feel they have a calling. They want to destroy their brother, Abel (who represents order, good fortune etc) and create chaos for them to lead. They want their own pandemonium. They feel like the fallen angel who wants their own crew to rule over
Ultimately I think it shows a very sad side of human beings which should be controlled from within. They need to learn to think critically and responsibly before they run their mouths
Rant over
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