Fixing Left Hooks with Daniel Woodgate | Shoulder Pain Video Consultation

An 8 year old injury may be assumed to now be set in stone. Not quite. Old injuries are like old habits. Change the behaviour for long enough and you can change the habit
Dan has an 8 year shoulder injury that hasn’t really changed much. It’s worse on throwing the left hook and with a little testing we can see why
Note: feel free to skip to the diagnosis and rehab if you like and remember that our video services come with a 100% money back guarantee
On examination of Dan’s shoulder a few things were evident
  1. the serratus anterior muscle on the left fatigued far quicker than on the right. The opposite should be true with orthodox boxers as the SA muscle holds the arms up. Anyone who has boxed knows how this is a lot harder to do on the lead arm
  2. external rotation is painful and limited
  3. the pectoral muscles are also tender
The rehab plan provided (see full post) is essentially to correct these foundational issues. This means, strengthening serratus anterior and the rotator cuff whilst improving available range of motion.
With this foundation we can then move onto the more boxing specific stuff in around 10 days time
Let me know what you think but I would say that Dan should be left hooking pretty comfortably in no time at all!
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