Click and the Pain is Gone

Click and the pain is gone!
Local Gravesend business owner Niki (@NikitabyNiki) hobbled by the Revitalize Clinic in excruciating pain. She had woken with crick neck (joint inflammation often associated with nerve irritation) and lower back pain and had barely slept since. After caring for over 5000 clients and patients the Revitalize team have seen it all from disc herniations to fibromyalgia and trapped nerves. Then team knew just what to do.
Niki came to Revitalize with a crick and skipped out the door 30mins later. And it’s not just Niki. Revitalize have been helping people in pain for over 6 years. You can see their amazing transformations at Rated 5* on Facebook and Google, and taking top price for Gravesham Business of the Year, they have the support of not just their patients but Gravesham as a whole.
By developing a specialised approach to individuals in pain, they care for the pain, strengthen their patient’s injured areas and address any psychological barriers (fear avoidance for example) to their patient’s recovery. The result? A lot of happy patients who receive long term pain relief and improvements in function.
“I feel joy for the first time…” says Cherrylen Currie who walked out after one treatment, pain free for the firs time in 20 years
“I have avoided a knee replacement, my sugar levels have dropped and I can squat pain free” says 74 year old Wilhemina
“I was pain free for a fight I thought I was going to have to pull out of” says Pete Stoten, professional boxer who presented to the clinic with nerve impingement in his neck
The most important question Revitalize patients first come in with is “what have I done and how do I get rid of this?”
Revitalize have grown hugely in popularity by answering this question for free with their free consultations. You can book one today by messaging them on Facebook, going to their website or calling 01474 356 284
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