Have you been a victim of Nocebo? Placebo vs Nocebo


An infamous war tactic was to blindfold a prisoner of war, and warn them that if they didn’t give up the information you require, you would burn them. Little did the prisoner know that their captive was actually applying dry ice and not a hot poker to their skin.
The captive would often come out in boils and scream violently before giving up the information.
Fake alarms produce painful responses.
So what happens when your doctor tells you, that you have the back of an 80 year old? Or that you’ll need a knee replacement by the time you’re 50?
Fake alarms produce painful responses.
The fear of damage produces more harm that the damage itself. Damage itself is normal. Over 50% of PAIN FREE individuals over 40 years of age have disc bulges and herniations. But tell a patient that their “back is severely arthritic” and this can actually cause their pain to increase.
Fake alarms produce painful responses.
So what do we do? We rewrite the script
We show you what your body can do. And our patients are amazed. Squatting, pressing, lifting… all these things you thought you wouldn’t be able to do, we create the plan of action to get you there
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