Heather Syers | Client of the Month

“I have to entertain clients…. I have to work… I don’t have tim to exercise and prepare my food”

Stop and listen to this Month’s, Client of the Month, Heather Syers who has been working with May Kovacova over the past year

Heather has:

  • lost 3 stone of fat, gained 1 stone of muscle with consistent behavioural changes
  • improved strength and fitness
  • toned her body with weight lifting

All whilst becoming the most successful she’s ever been

Interestingly enough, after filming I asked if she thought her mind set had changed at all by becoming fitter and stronger. She replied that without May helping her to lift the constant mental fog induced by unhealthy eating, a sedentary lifestyle and alcohol, there is no way she would have had the mental strength and pro-active attitude to launch her own business.

She is only 4 months into its launch and is doing fantastically well. May has worked to mould Heather’s behaviour to facilitate her goals. It is not a one size fits all approach. I have literally seen May switch her persona from client to client, becoming the Trainer they need her to be.

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