20% for Mothers Day Gifts / Self Bought TLC

20% for Mothers Day TLC

Mum’s are awesome. There’s no doubt. But did you now that mothers are also scientifically proven to be absolute heroins?

Check these 5 Facts

“We hold our children in our hearts forever “ isn’t just a saying. Mum’s carry the cells of their babies inside them for years after birth which may protect the mother from auto-immune disease

Think you train hard? Pregnancy burns 500kcal – 1000kcal burnt per hour of labour
At an average of 6000kcal burnt during a 8hour labour. This is about 20 hamburgers Or to fight Mike Tyson for 12 rounds, 15 times.

The hormone Oxytocin is responsible for falling in love. It is incredibly high during and after birth. This causes the mother to bond with and even sing to her baby

Mums will have changed 2100 nappies by the time you’re 2 years old…. and your room for up to 20+ years after.

A current theory for human’s long life expectancy is the roll in the grandparents (Grandmother included) in caring for the child whilst the mother is away, leading to higher survival rates.

Make sure you give thanks to grandma on Happy mothers day


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(note that this offer is not valid for personal training, where we have an existing discount system. Offer ends 31st March)

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