Would You Like a Pain Free Disc Prolapse? | Yes or No?

Would you rather a damaged structure like a spinal disc, cartilage or muscle tear be pain free or painful?

Well, tough luck, you probably do have many damaged structures are pain free. In fact, 3 years away from 30, I am 40% likely to have a pain free disc protrusion.

Why? Because pain correlates to the perception of danger more than it does pain.

It’s why an athlete who has snapped their leg in two can hobble off the pitch. In a high trauma situation, it is more dangerous to be be wriggling around in blind pain.

It is also why you can bend down and pick something up as you do 1000 times until you twinge your back just right and are now in agonising pain.

If pain is an alarm system, it is likely you gave you brain the signals it needed to remember what happened the last time you picked up something heavy. You were in bed for 3 days and now your brain is creating the same pain response to assure you go into a protective state to protect your back from further harm

So where does this leave us? It hones our application of treatment. We must treat the structure BUT we must ensure you consistently leave the clinic feeling

  1. In less pain
  2. Stronger
  3. More confident

And we do this by scaling the exercises, treatment and advice you need to condition your body and nervous system to enjoy a pain free lifestyle.

Get in touch with your questions and to book a free consultation to get you pain free

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