Exceptional Weight Loss Transformation | Client Michael Britchfield shares his methods

Hey, I have an amazing story to share with you

We’re truly blessed to be able to see so many individuals on a daily basis who make tremendous strides towards a healthier, lighter, cleaner version of themselves. And every so often, a client jumps all of the hurdles, picks themselves up repeatedly from countless mistakes and transforms their body and mind for the better

Michael Britchfield has:

  • lost over 35kg of body fat (over 5 stone)
  • gained a load of strength
  • cut his waistline by 25cm

The greatest achievement however which is so clear in this recent pod cast is that Michael is happier and we cannot hope for a better outcome than that

May and Michael have become a great team. Please take a moment to listen to his podcast where he reveals mentally what he had to go through and how he had to change to achieve these feats. It is remarkable

And remember, we’re here to help and to be your team mate. Please, if you have any questions, just post below

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