Rehabilitating Steve O’Keefe | Fought Connor Mcgregor, Black Belt Taekwando and BJJ

I know you might be shocked but behind Steve’s charm and soft features he is a machine! I am having a great time training with him every Thursday morning at Revolutions Martial Arts in Greenhithe.


As well as many other accolades, Steve has:

  • fought Connor Mcgregor
  • Has earnt a black belt in Taekwondo, BJJ
  • Has held the world championship title as in Taekwando

But unfortunately even Steve is susceptible to the odd injury or two

When rehabilitating athletes the principle is the same but the depth of application is greater.


  1. Desensitise the injury with treatment and pain moderating exercises
  2. Speed recovery with exercises that match the injuries tolerance to strain to increase protein synthesis (muscle growth)
  3. Increase the tolerance of the injured tissue above the demands that are placed on it on a daily basis i.e. get it stronger than it needs to be

You see us here demonstrating this with a two step exercise where we are gradually loading the adductor tendon and then lengthening it under load. This simultaneously increases strength and flexibility

We do the same for the lower back, the shoulder etc.

By increasing tolerance and reducing pain, we have a brand new groin that is stronger than ever before

So if you’re interested in how we can help you to reduce your pain, message us by hitting the box below

We can’t wait to speak to you

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