How to Smash your first Push Up


I had a client the other day who had a history of a few shoulder injuries and general overall upper body strength weakness. Sound familiar? I’ll show you how to get to your first push up AND single arm push up

She was shocked to be able to do her first push up within a matters of a few weeks. Now before you put aside the push up as a thing little boys do to get strong, let’s go over the benefits

  • better shoulder health
  • greater bone density
  • raised metabolism
  • tones loose muscle tissue (bingo wings)
  • postural correction
  • reduces likelihood of injuries

I could go on but the above reasons are a few of many reasons why we use the press up in our personal training and exercise rehabilitation regimes.

The key focuses are posture (this allows us to drive more strength through our arms) and scaling difficulty (making exercises more difficult at a manageable rate to progress)

Give these stages a go and send in your progress! I want to see who is smashing their push ups!

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