Get That 6Pac in 3 Steps, Record Time

Get That 6Pac in 3 Steps, Record Time

We see you! Trying to get your stomach tight for summer.

It’s not too late The exercises that build your core aren’t necessarily the best exercises to build your 6 Pac. You see, the core is specific to movements (squat, running etc.) but abdominal definition is down to how much load you can place through your abdominal muscles for a period of time.

Weighted crunches have shown to be the best to target the upper abs

Turkish get ups have shown to have overall the best abdominal activation

Also other long lever exercises like leg raises and even pull ups with a neutral spine have shown to really activate the core

But there’s a lot more we can teach you. We’d love to train with you and guide you to becoming the strongest version of yourself

If you feel the same, message our page and we’ll get you booked in for a free consultation

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