Links to Mental Illness have been linked to childhood


Is this really that surprising though?

It is common practice to avoid labeling children, i.e. ‘you’re a naughty boy…’ and to instead refer to the action ‘that was naughty of you…’ to prevent negative self image provoking negative action.

But what about when this is taken a step further and combine that with humiliation… violence even?

Without realising it, we can grow to become adults with deep set insecurities and maladaptive behaviors.

A psychotherapist added to this discussion; you have to contextualise the experience as the child, not the adult. I.e. you must see your childhood through your child self’s eyes… not the adult.

It is fascinating isn’t it. But also poses a problem. How do we fix these maladaptive thoughts? The sense of worthlessness. I myself literally transformed my mind for the better through counseling. And if you would like to, too, then please hit the link below to book your free consultation

I assure you. You will not regret it. Take the leap if you’re ready. And if you’re not, stay in touch

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