Is Arthritis the Beginning of the End, *|FNAME|*?


The other day I had a patient with back pain who said to me “I feel like it’s a lot to do with my knees but they’re shot to pieces with arthritis….”

This may sound familiar. It’s like that relative we all have who glorifies the days he/ she once were active until “my back went… never been the same since”

The answer is never write off a body part as permanently injured. The body is a master of adaptation and we see this in arthritis

Arthritis is a combination of:

  • inflammation
  • hypersensitivity
  • bony changes

The first 2 are changeable. We work through treatment to consistently reduce pain and improve function with home exercises until only the bony changes are left to deal with.

And quite often, they’re insignificant enough for the patient to return to a normal active lifestyle, pain free, definitely not needing a joint replacement

And we would love to help you or a loved one reach the same standard of living. So if this sounds good to you, just reply to this message and we’ll book you in ASAP

Our results speak for themselves. We have a fantastic catalogue of 5 star reviews


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