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Lower back pain can be a very debilitating pain to suffer with. No matter what position you get into it just won’t shift or get better. Those painkillers only work for a while and you’re straight back to where you started once they wear off. And I bet you just think that it’s ‘one of those things’.


‘One of those things’ it is certainly not. You shouldn’t have to suffer with lower back pain and it can be cured. Lower back pain isn’t an injury, it’s a symptom of an injury which could be degenerative disc, prolapsed disc, ligament sprain, muscle strain or SIJ Dysfunction (Sacro-iliac Joint). But don’t hear those and freak out thinking it is something serious because it isn’t. Four out of five people suffer with lower back pain which is about 80% of the population so when you think of the facts, it is more normal to have lower back pain than it is to not have lower back pain! So, by getting treatment for your injury joint pain and stiffness can be reduced and normal joint function can be restored. And who doesn’t want a pain free life?

At Revitalize Health and Fitness clinic we offer free consultations for you to get to know your therapist and go through your treatment plan so if you are unsure about what we can do for you please do not hesitate to book in for a consultation. Or just call to book an appointment and experience for yourself that lower back pain is not ‘one of those things’.

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