The 5 Benefits of Sports Massage

Ellie is our Sports Massage Therapist, treating you in Gravesend at the Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic. Enthusiastic about helping other, Ellie is taking her skill set to the next level by studying for her Sports Therapy Bachelors degree after having completed her Sports Massage qualification. Read what she has to say about the benefits of Sports Massage

Handsome young man enjoying his massage at the spa center.

Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive movements or strenuous activity. Whether you take part in sport or not, sports massage is for you!

  1. For those of you that take part in regular exercise, sports massage can enhance your performance, aid recovery and prevent injury. Whether you decide to book in pre or post exercise, the benefits are still visible.
  2. Is that lower back pain getting the better of you? Over 70% of the population suffer from back pain, but did you know that it is a symptom. You should not have to live with it from day to day. Sports massage can relieve the tension so that you can go about your day to day life pain free. We can also look at your posture to minimise any predisposing factors causing you that pain!
  3. For those of you that are pregnant sports massage can be adapted to your needs, so don’t think that you can’t receive the benefits from a sports massage treatment either! Whether it is general aches and pains, lower back pain or to reduce swelling around the ankles, a sports massage will solve all of these problems.
  4. If you are suffering from an injury that is inhibiting your performance, sports massage can encourage the healing process allowing a quicker recovery.
  5. Sports massage has all the benefits of other forms of massage such as Swedish massage but many more! Not only will you benefit from physical and mental relaxation but we will aim to focus the treatment on your individual needs to prevent injury and promote recovery.
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