How to Work Hard, Play Hard

Written by Fazal, our nutritionist at the clinic. By treating everyone he sees as individuals, Fazal is able to understand the problems of clients and offers advice and information as appropriate. He believes in coaching that should make good nutrition a part of people’s lives for the rest of their lives.

dance1The work place. It doesn’t just cause one lifestyle related problem but many so we’ll be coming back to this a number of times. But the BIG issue is the routine that is forced on you.

Most people don’t have the flexibility to go in when they like, to finish when they like or to eat when they like. This creates many, many problems. One of which is the hunger that is often created when you have to miss meals or take too long between your next meal.

This is how a typical officer workers day might look (particularly if you have a commute to work):

  • Wake up so early that they have to skip breakfast
  • Grab some food along the way or eat something at work
  • Have lunch (prepared or bought)
  • Long time before finishing and getting home so snack between
  • Get home and eat dinner

What’s wrong with the above routine?

There’s far too much time between meals which allows hunger levels to get too high. When you’re in this state it’s more than likely you’ll just grab what’s readily available and that tends to be biscuits, bagels, croissants and loads of other foods which bring us zero nutritional value.

You’re also more likely to crave these as your blood sugar levels may have dropped from the lack of food.

So we need to prevent this from happening. It all comes down to preparation and being aware of your own hunger levels. Try the following to prevent your work place from dominating your life:

  1. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to have a filling fibre rich, protein dense breakfast
  2. Prepare a simple lunch the night before, it doesn’t need to be fancy!
  3. Snack on small handfuls of nuts and fresh berries throughout the day and drink lots of fluids
  4. If you’re forced to buy food, look for foods high in protein

Enjoy your dinner when you get home, just make sure to eat it slo

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