Training Abs is boring. Let’s spice it up a bit

Does anyone actually enjoy training abs? What is there to enjoy? That sickening gnawing sensation in your abdomen or the repetitive motion of crunch…. crunch… crunch… let’s spice it up a bit. 

By combining an abdominal exercise with another exercise that is more engaging, you can theoretically improve your abdominal workout whilst making it more interesting by increasing the number of stimuli driving your muscles to adapt, tone and strengthen.

Harman Abs

For example, our client here is performing a decline abdominal crunch working flexion and rotation of the spine for reps of 10. We then skip to bag work straight after for 1 minute, once again working spinal rotation. Via metabolic stress (i.e. the build up of waste products within the muscle driving an increase in muscle mass) you can improve the effectiveness of your abdominal workouts whilst also making the whole experience a lot more fun.

Give it a go. Let us know how you get on!




Written by Elliott Reid, Osteopath and Personal Trainer at The Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic, Gravesend. Follow Elliott on Twitter

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