Curiosity vs Gluttony

So, curiosity vs gluttony

  • Curiosity “I wonder what that tastes like” is good. In fact, it’s great. You try new things, push new boundaries
  • Gluttony “I want to eat all of that cake and I’m not going to stop until I finish” is bad. Really bad. Excessive food consumption, excess weight gain

But your huge advantage when it comes to weightloss is that you cannot manufacture fat without excessive calorie consumption

So, the solution, follow these principles for the following week if you want to lean up

  • Try Everything but Fill up on Nothing i.e. if you want nice food, try it, but don’t feast on it. But make sure as always, you keep 80% of your diet clean
  • Drink 1l of water with lemon juice before you submit i.e. before you give in, promise yourself to drink the above. It will make you feel full and destroy your sweet tooth cravings

Let me know how you get on! And for more motivational tips, go to our Facebook Page

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