See you 1 Stone Later…

My challenge: to lose a stone (6kg) and increase strength (ideally) by December 14th to be, pound for pound, the strongest I’ve ever been

Before Deadlift Comp

Now, I weigh 93kg atm and my hunch is that I can weigh in at 85kg and lift a triple body weight DL of 255kg- 260kg but the here’s the problem

Excess fat is haven for anabolic (muscle building) hormones

If I lose too much, it may be inefficient, meaning I lose more strength than I would

The Strategy

  1. Diet
    My diet for the next 3 weeks at least will consist of
    2600 calories (a 500-800 calorie deficit)
    Protein: 250g
    Fat: 69g
    Carbs: 220gThis is as guided by Fazel Rana from Element Nutrition
    You may remember the work we did together when Investigation HerbalifeThe idea here is to reduce stress hormone elevation and maintain anabolic hormone levels whilst losing weight. That’s really it. I’ll move onto more drastic weight loss methods closer to the date.
  2. Training
    I will drop volume (high volume on a calorie deficit is very hard to achieve due to energy being limited) and increase intensity. I will also be performing technique drills to maximise the weight I can lift

If you have questions about the methods and theory behind this intervention then catch up with us on Facebook or leave a comment below




Written by Elliott Reid, Osteopath and Personal Trainer at The Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic, Gravesend. Follow Elliott on Twitter


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