Kent Independent Trader Awards

It was and honour for us to be nominated as a Kent Independent Traders Finalist. It’s great to see that our hard work is being appreciated. However, we feel that amongst others, there were 3 main reasons for our nomination.

If you’re in pain, you need constant support to be available to you. In an instant your smooth ride to becoming pain free can be disrupted by a sudden awkward movement or even an accidental trauma. Not a day goes by where we’re not on the phone or bashing away at a keyboard trying to give our existing patients the best advice possible until their next visit to the clinic. This level of enthusiasm, we feel, never goes amiss.

Likewise, if you’ve been eating rubbish and not exercising for 20 years plus, doing the complete opposite can be a huge challenge. Feel the urge to eat that chocolate cake, or even to not go out on a run as was part of your homework? No problem, pick up the phone and after a chat/ motivational conversation you’ll back on track


The Revitalize Community (see it here) is something we’re most proud of. It is an innovative approach to your health and fitness. A hub for you to download all of the rehabillitative exercises that will get you pain free ASAP and also a way for you to track how quickly you’re eliminating your pain. It fulfils the same purpose for personal training, acting as a hub for you to download all of your recipes, diet plans and training programmes as well as showing you, graphically, how quickly you’re achieving your goals. We’ve been told getting the numbers down can be quite addictive at times!

But fundamentally this is our gift to the customers of Revitalize. Simply put, a way to get as much as possible out of the services we offer.

Because unfortunately there are a lot of myths and fads out there that negatively effect the health and fitness industry. Everything from the myths of “spinal alignment” to the fads of “shake a day and juice diets” really play havoc on the industry’s reputation. This is why every training programme we write and every treatment we deliver is based on the latest scientifically conducted studies to provide you with an accurate and effective intervention.

And there you have it. This is why we’re the Kent Independent Traders Awards Finalist. Thank you for your support and see you next year at the number 1 spot

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