“And you think you’ve got it bad?…”

Too many of us identify with our pain

Many of us will even compete as to who’s had the worst spinal injury or shoulder pain etc. A common conversation may be “ah that’s nothing. When my back went I was out of work for weeks and I’m still recovering” but this outlook is completely disadvantageous to our health.


By identifying ourselves with our pain, we begin to lose a vision of ourselves without it. This means accepting the boundaries it places upon our lives. Think of all the people you’ve talked to who used to compete in sport until “my back gave in”. They’re basically saying a lot of the time that their passion for not doing anything or living a more sedentary life outweighs the pleasure they experienced from being active or the time and effort it would take to rehabilitate their injury. Not good in a culture with an ever increasing health crisis.


Don’t live in pain and don’t let it limit you. Seek expert opinion from an Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor (the big three). They will then be able too guide you to the best intervention for long term alleviation of your pain and limits. No matter how long it takes, become active again

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