Our Relationship with Food

tumblr_n2v2ijRmyY1trclg2o1_500Our relationship with food is potentially one of the most destructive and most constructive tools we have in controlling our nutritional destiny. It’s much like a relationship with a member of your family or your spouse. You may approach food for an experience, comfort, satisfaction etc. which may lead to a dependance and therefore an unhealthy relationship, steering you away from your goals. Here a few steps to take control and stay in charge

Number 1

Put your food before yourself. Pay more attention to its nutritional value, how fresh it tastes, the accumulation of the fantastically fresh ingredients than how it makes you feel for the next 20 minutes or less. But don’t establish a boring relationship either. We all know the temptation to bring out the chicken salads and rice cakes as soon as we want to eat healthier. Bring some zest to your health promoting food. Experiment, and enjoy.

Number 2

Change the connection between yourself and your food. A lot of the time, as mentioned, food may be our comfort or our dependance. If that’s your connection, you’re at the mercy of your diet every time you feel lonely or down. How about changing your connection with food to be health, repair, longevity, medicine etc. These are far more positive and health promoting connections, just by simply changing the connection that you have with your food.

If you change the mindset, you change the connection. Imagine how an athletes mindset towards food differs to the average individual. They’re seeking far different connections.

Number 3

Interrupt your present state, if it’s counterproductive. It’s not ever a split second decision between you reaching for the wine or the mars bar etc. It’s a steady decline minute by minute of you seeking emotional gratification. Nip it in the bud! Revise a daily mantra that might look something like this

“I am Elliott Reid. I seek nutrition, zest and balance from my food. I care for food that cares for me, for I am on the path to a healthier, more energetic version of myself”

It might sound corny but it works. Say your mantra morning, night and when it comes to interrupting your negative connection with food. Try it and let us know the difference.





Written by Elliott Reid, Osteopath and Personal Trainer at The Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic, Gravesend. Follow Elliott on Twitter

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