Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Trainer



Written by Elliott Reid, Osteopath and Personal Trainer at The Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic, Gravesend. Follow Elliott on Twitter


A PT is an investment. A small investment of money for 10 fold the results. I should know because I am a personal trainer, and the highlight of my year so far has been training with Strength and Conditioning Coach, Shane Harrison at the Bulks Power and Strength Gym, Gravesend. And this is why.


As a Personal Trainer, you are constantly trying to create epiphanies or “eureka moments” for your client. These are the times where you telling a patient to “get your elbows under the bar” or “focus on the task not your fatigue” can dramatically improve their performance simply because they connect with what you’re saying and engage with the exercise.


Different Squat form as depicted in Starting Strength



I was having trouble with my squat. I reset to 80-90kg from 120kg just because I was so unhappy with my form. It didn’t feel comfortable, it felt like a struggle. Although I felt I was able to mimic good squat form, it didn’t produce adequate strength. As Shane can squat 440kg I made the correct assumption that he would be the man to help me. After 10 minutes, Shane’s advice boosted my squat to a comfortable 140kg. 




His advice enabled me to force the bar over my heels and engage my posterior chain but it was his cues that made this possible. “Lead with your hips going back first” and “breathe in and hold it in with your diaphragm” was the most significant advice, accompanied with demos to emphasise each point. 


My Point is This

Even if you have a personal training session once a month or even less with an accomplished PT; as you’ve gathered from my post you can


  1. Hugely improve motivation
  2. Dramatically increase training efficiency 
  3. Speed your progression enormously 
  4. Become better educated on your body and your training methodology

No-one stops learning. With scheduled frequent to infrequent personal training sessions with a PT who is knowledgeable in your field of training, you can achieve all of the above.




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