Rachel Weech (M.Ost)

gravesend osteopath physiotherapist


Having graduated from The British School of Osteopathy with an M.Ost degree, she is passionate about helping patients improve their quality of life. From eradicating  aches and pains to assisting with post-op and injury rehabilitation. It is her passion to create the perfect internal and external environment for the body’s own medicine chest to be able to heal itself. Rachel’s inquisitive nature and desire to learn has enabled her to adopted a method of treating the human body which is non invasive but looks at the biomechanics and the way in which all the systems of the body work together and how they function. Looking at the body from this angle, the aim is to disassemble, examine and analyse the dysfunction in detail to discover what tissues are involved and bring the patient back to a pain free state whilst also advising on techniques to maintain agency.

Rachel enjoys and has experienced working with all age groups. She will discuss aspects such as your current capabilities and what you hope to achieve from treatment and within what time span. This approach enables the patient to measure their progress as well as allowing the patient to maintain autonomy. Rachel has experience working with a wide variety of issues and patients including:

  • Babies: following challenging births,  difficulties sleeping, constipation

  • Young children: asymmetries causing mobility issues, degenerative diseases

  • Teenagers: lower back pains, sport injuries, postural issues

  • Adults: desk based postures, athletes, expectant mothers, manual workers

  • Athletes

  • Expectant Mothers: Low back pain and pelvic discomfort

  • Manual workers: builders, musicians, artists, dancers with joint and muscular aches and strains, gymnasts,

  • Elderly: degeneration etc

Before Osteopathy

From the age of 4 to 20 Rachel trained as a professional dancer of many genres including ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap. She has always enjoyed fitness and challenging herself to see what she could push herself to achieve. Encompassing this attitude in this field means it is inevitable to experience injuries along the way, leaving her in agonising pain and unable to perform to the best of her ability. She underwent a variety of therapies but the most effective therapy was osteopathy.

Fast forward 4 years Rachel was finishing an Access to Biomedical Sciences course as she wanted to find a career in healthcare she could support her young family with and as she has always had an interest in science, engineering and helping people. After much deliberation she naturally gravitated to The British School of Osteopathy. She went along to visit the college and never looked back.

Coming from a background of using natural remedies rather than conventional medicine, osteopathy spoke volumes to her. The thought of being able to help people overcome various ailments using techniques that enabled the body to heal itself, along with the in depth knowledge needed to deconstruct the anatomy blew her mind and excited her on many levels.


Further aspirations 

Since the age of 6 Rachel  and her family have been working with the homeless community and they try to attend various outreaches in order to provide food, clothing, advice or simply a listening ear. She is aiming to provide a facility in the future where she can support the homeless community far more but let’s  see what the future holds.

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