Gravesend Chiropractor | do I need a Chiropractor?

Gravesend Chiropractor | Do I need a chiropractor?

You may have back pain, a trapped nerve, maybe you have suffered from a spinal injury and you want to see a chiropractor. But is chiropractic treatment the right treatment for you?

Traditional chiropractic treatment is often centred around manipulation of the spinal joints to relieve stress on the nervous system. However to this day, insignificant evidence supports only using chiropractic treatment for spinal pain (neck and back pain).

The truth is that the best way to get rid of pain (back or neck pain) is to address it from multiple different angles. This means all clinicians stepping away from their traditional models.

Traditional models that don't work for pain

gravesend chiropractor


manipulate joints but the pain stays

gravesend osteopath


gently manipulate tissues but the pain doesn’t go


give a list of exercises to strengthen the injury but they often don’t work

gravesend chiropractor

General Practitioner

pain killers and anti-inflammatories but the pain doesn’t go away

All of the above interventions don’t work because they only treat one pillar of that patient’s well being. This means the patient returns for more visits, spends more money and the treatment doesn’t have the desired effect. Whether you are seeing a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or doctor, they cannot only rely on their traditional models. 

At Revitalize, we use the most effective healthcare model to improve your health. That model is the biopsychosocial model which helps us to understand and treat disorders such as back pain, neck pain and trapped nerves to great effect. We have over 6500 clients. We are rated 5 stars on facebook and google, and have an average treatment time of 3.5 appointments until our patients are pain free. 

The Biopsychosocial model which we use at Revitalize.


is your spine physically okay?

Is your back healthy, strong and mobile? Is it structurally okay? What food are you eating? Are you active?

If your spine and joints are weak and dehydrated; your joints and muscles are stiffened and shortened, then health is harder to achieve


is your mind contributing to your pain?

Are you coping? How are you mentally? Are you fearful / anxious due to your pain?

Pain is a warning response. This is why pain can exist without trauma. It is warning you as to what might happen if you don’t seek help. But by reassuring you and removing obstacles to mental wellness we can help to reduce your pain.


are your social setting contributing to your pain?

Is work supportive? Do you have a supportive group of friends?

For example when pain is linked to financial insecurity (ie a tradesman not able to work due to pain) pain can increase. By providing a plan that gets you back in control, we can reduce your pain.

By using this model, the most recent research and science to your injury, we can treat your back pain or neck pain and have you pain free in an average of 3.5 treatments. 

back pain can be eradicated in as little as one treatment with the right approach

After spinal surgery and 20 years of back pain (sciatica), Cherrylen was pain free  and confident after one appointment

``at Revitalize we don't just focus on what we're trained in``

This is because we don’t focus on just what we’re trained in. At the Revitalize clinic you will see a physiotherapist, osteopath or sports therapist who is trained in

Hands on treatment

“joint manipulation, acupuncture, massage, special stretches and more”

Joint manipulation (as used by chiropractors and osteopaths), massage, acupuncture, special stretches and functional releases. Chiropractic treatment often revolves around joint manipulation. We do that too and much more. We treat your back pain and neck pain to leave you comfortable and free to move without pain.

Exercise rehabilitation

“a stronger joint or muscle can deal with more force”

A stronger joint or muscle can deal with more force. By improving your strength with gentle and easy to do exercises, your pain will ease. Research shows that enabling that patient to move with more strength and confidence reduces their pain. That’s why we provide bespoke exercise rehabilitation plans for every patient.

Psychological intervention

“many of our patients are concerned that their pain is due to something serious and irreversible”

Pain is stressful and sometimes scary. Many of our patients are concerned that their pain is due to something serious and irreversible. By helping you manage the psychological burden of pain, and giving you a plan of action, we can get you pain free quicker. But as well as this, long term relief. Patients who are treated for their pain but then not empowered, often suffer from frequent recurring pain. The Revitalize Clinic specialise in getting you back to pain free in the long term. And if you need more help, we have our mental health clinic.

But I still need a Chiropractor to manipulate my spine!

Don’t worry, we do that here. Joint manipulation is a great way to offer relief for back pain and neck pain. Osteopaths and Chiropractors are trained to manipulate joints at university. However, all of our members of staff are trained in joint manipulation. Check out a video on joint manipulation that we filmed at the Revitalize Clinic.

Do I need a scan such as an MRI or X-Ray?

In some situations, yes. And if so, we can write a letter to your doctor to speed up the process. However most of the time, you don’t need an MRI or an X-Ray. These scans are used mostly when your back pain or neck pain is potentially dangerous and will cause you long term harm. When we see you, we can decide as to whether you need further investigation or not. If you do, we will send you for further investigations via your GP. 

But one thing we certainly do not do is X-Ray every patient who comes in to see us. And there’s an important reason for this. X-Rays and MRIs don’t show you what you feel. In fact, expertly delivered research is showing us that X-Rays (often used by chiropractors) and MRIs can actually do a lot of harm for patients (learn about how MRI and X-Rays are often unhelpful here). 

This is because the more frightened a patient is of their pain, the more intense their pain can be. A scare tactic often used by chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists is to show you an image of your X-Ray and tell you that your spine is damaged. This creates fear and dependency on their services. 

This is rubbish. If you have wear and tear, it has most likely been there for years. Besides, your joints and spine are meant to wear a little. Just like brake pads on your car. Cartilage and bone dissipate force. And they often do this by wearing a little (cartilage) or growing to absorb more force (bony changes seen in arthritis). Sometimes our joints can even change position (alignment) to better dissipate force. It’s normal. 

The best way to avoid excessive wear and tear? It’s not treatment. It’s good sleep, a good diet and good healthy movement. This is why we take a multi-faceted approach to your health. You will receive hands on treatment as well as lifestyle advice for your pain.

So, do I need Chiropractic?

No. You need a practitioner who is skilled in reducing your pain and restoring you to full health. You’ll find a full team of them at Revitalize. So book your free consultation or ask us any questions you have
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Success rate of treatment at Revitalize

Lower back pain, mid to upper back pain and neck pain are some of the most common injuries we see at the clinic. We’ve built an amazing reputation for providing effective treatment for back and neck pain. This is because we don’t only treat your pain, we empower you to treat your own pain as well. Many other practitioners will have you coming back more than you need to, because they don’t give you the right advice and self management between sessions.


Basically, if you’re not doing effective exercises between your sessions, you’re with the wrong practitioner. 


At Revitalize, it’s a must. One 45min appointment a week is never going to be as effective as a 45min appointment plus daily treatment and highly effective therapeutic exercise that you can self administrate every day.


We have some amazing videos for you below where you will learn the stories of some amazing patients that we had the pleasure of treating. Make sure you book in for an appointment so we can tell you exactly how we can help

Sue was a medical emergency

Now look at what she can do

Sue came to us as a medical emergency and a few months later we had her picking 50kg off of the floor. And this isn’t just Sue. There are literally thousands of patients that we’ve helped.

16 Years of Sciatica and Nerve Damage... Gone

Bulging discs can impinge on the nerves coming out of the spine.

For 16 years Ricky had fluctuating difficulty with even light tasks like hoovering and putting on his socks. Now however, he’s golfing, gymming, starting yoga and running his successful construction company pain free.

Crick Neck, gone!

Ever woken up with a pain in your neck? This is when contact between the neck joints causes the muscles to spasm. It is incredibly painful and very restrictive. Often you won’t be able to look over your shoulder
Ellie was able to quickly eliminate Niki’s neck pain within one treatment

Career ending injury fixed

When the stakes are high we’re in our element and the premature end of a gymnastics career is a pretty high stake. Izzy has a facet joint injury. Other health professionals didn’t know what to do but thankfully Izzy made a full recovery and went back to competing at a high level, pain free

We were challenged £500 to fix Paul's back

“I bet you £500 you can’t fix my back pain…” Pressure’s on. A while ago we were publicly bet £500 that we couldn’t fix Paul’s back pain.
So we invited Paul in for a free treatment; no bet attached. Paul later called us that week, thanking us. His pain had reduced and he had exercises that he could do to aid long term rehabilitation.

Our Pain Team

gravesend osteopath physiotherapist personal trainer

Elliott Reid (M.Ost)

ellie bearman gravesend osteopath physiotherapist personal trainer

Ellie Bearman (B.Sc)

Sports Therapist
gravesend osteopath physiotherapist personal trainer

David Woodgate (M.Sc)

Sports Therapist

More patient stories

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