Daniel Woodgate, Nutritionist

  • Certified nutrition coach
  • Former professional athlete (Boxer)
  • Weight management specialist
  • Fat Loss specialist
  • Waistloss Expert

Dan has a plethora of personal and professional experience in nutrition and exercise for weight management and fat loss. Having been a professional athlete in a weight classed sport (boxing) he had to ensure that he was not only on weight for competition but also in the best possible condition to compete.

Daniel’s coaching style empathetic, compassionate and he prides himself on being able to utilise his personal experiences and struggles with the scales to help others.


Daniel has created a unique approach to weight loss in the form of his coaching program Waistpoint®, he is known as the WaistLoss coach based on his approach to health in that he believes rather than focus only on weight we should focus on reducing our waistlines first. Research shows that waist-loss most effective approach to weight-loss and health.

He has many years of coaching individuals to increase and better their health, improve their performance and to boost their confidence. 

Daniel also works with weight classed athletes and is proud to be able to use his experience in the sport of boxing to help others to ensure they have the best available advice throughout their careers.

Daniels’ Why?

Dan is passionate about helping others to escape the shackles of the scales and whilst he knows that a reduction in weight for some may be important, the real goal is rarely to just change the number on the scales.

Dan created WaistPoint® in response to becoming frustrated and disillusioned by the industry which focuses so heavily on scales as a goal. Dan remembers witnessing his mum being told “your son is overweight”.

This hugely affected his confidence throughout his youth and into adulthood. Dan thought this was a unique issue with himself until he started to help others with their nutrition and health.

Dan quickly realised he was not alone and decided he wanted to do something to change this perception of “scale weight being too high = unhealthy”.

The reality is, Dan has been classed as overweight his entire life; despite achieving some prestigious accolades as an athlete and always being in “good shape”.

At any one time if he was weighed he would have been classed as overweight based on what the scales say. Our understanding of scale weight needs to change and Dan has tasked himself with being the face of that change.

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