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Running can be painful and slow. We hear “this shouldn’t hurt” and “I should be getting faster”, all the time . And you’re right. You should be pain free. You should be getting faster.

You need an online running coach who knows how to boost your performance and

We’re Elliott (M.Ost) and Andy (M.Sc). We eradicate running injuries and transform your running performance.

Elliott (M.Ost)

Thousands of Elliott’s patients are pain free thanks to his keen eye for movement correction and expertise in injury rehabilitation. His patients are pain free and stronger than ever. Elliott has a masters degree in Osteopathy, over 7 years of experience and a qualification in personal training. Elliott offers free initial injury video consultations.


“the patients I see online often tend to do better because have to take responsibility and action for their pain”

Andrew Smitherman (M.Sc)

Andy runs 400m in 48.64seconds making him the top 30 fastest runners over 400m in the UK.

With his Masters degree in applied health and exercise, Andy now he’s setting his eye on training you to be fast like him. Andy offers free initial injury video consultations

Running is great! But never-ending injuries and stagnant performance is a big problem!

😣 Injuries that won’t go

You rest and rest and the pain is still there. There’s a reason for this. You aren’t broken. You just haven’t adapted. Pain lets you know when you might be at risk of damage. We need to work to make that injury so that pain disappears completely.

😩 Times that are forever slow

It’s not you. There is a reason for this too. Technique? Training methods? Maybe there’s an exercise you’re missing? Andy knows because he has been shaving milliseconds off his time for over a decade. Let’s have a look at what we can do to help

Because what’s the alternative?

Over 25% of runners give up as a result of injuries and demoralisation. This is despite running knocking almost 30% from the rate of depression heart disease and chronic pain in its participants. Do you really want to stop taking your best medicine because the goings got a bit tough? The alternative is much tougher…


But pains, injuries and forever stagnant running times aren’t what you signed up for!


You want to be gliding through the air. Wind in your hair. Joints feeling like well oiled springs. Hearts drumming a rhythm to your graceful stride. Is that a gazelle in the distance?…


So what went wrong? Allow us to explain in a FREE Video Call. Allow us to introduce ourselves. Elliott (M.Ost) and Andy Smitherman. Osteopath and online running coach. We get runners pain free and fast!


Luckily for you, we have helped thousands of people live a pain free and active life. Many of them are runners.

Runners often fall into these main traps!

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Muscular Imbalances Damages Joints

Studies show that poor muscular balancing can increase the risk of tendon injuries and joint pain. Your knees and achilles may be hurting for an easily fixed reason.
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Poor Conditioning Damages Muscles

The greatest predictor for muscles strains is weakness. It’s time to get strong
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Broken Running Program

The same joints and the same muscle groups are being hit on every run. Let’s mix it up a bit and create a running programme that increases speed, ease and protects you from injuries.

You may have tried advice from friends, online advice and more. But you probably feel like something else is needed.

You need specific advice for your individual needs

✅ a plan for pain relief and prevention that puts you in control

✅ a structured conditioning regime. It can take as little as 10 minutes to complete after you run

✅ a running programme that challenges without stressing muscles and joints and transforms your running speed

This is why every one of our clients receives a video guided plan. Delivered via a 1-2-1 video call.


We explain how to


✅ eradicate injuries

✅ run with the best form / technique for you

✅ do exercises which transform your running for the better

✅ programme your running to eradicate injuries and boost your speed

You will have a tool kit to reply on at any time to stay pain free and healthy

But how does an Online Running Coach Work?

Elliott and Andy combine their expertise in their online running coaching services.


After a brief chat you will be taken through an in depth consultation to assess what is holding your running back. Whether it is your programming, form or diet, they will find the answer. You will then be ran through a video examination of your movement and running ability with Elliott or Andy. They can then provide a solution to your problems. This might be tendonitis, poor running form or simply helping you to become a faster runner.

Step 1: book your FREE call

Book you FREE video assessment at a time which is convenient for you. Your weaknesses and pain will be diagnosed by Andrew Smitherman (M.Sc) or Elliott Reid (M.Ost). With special tests we’ll show you what the problem and how you can become a faster, pain free runner
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Step 2: basic strength and stability

Finding it difficult to complete a basic run? Get over basic injuries? Or shave those extra milliseconds off your speed? Your strength and stability may be playing a role. We’ll introduce you to programme to help. With video guided self treatment and drills to boost your power, you will be taking your first steps to becoming a pain free and powerful runner
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Step 3: Advanced Explosiveness

Ready to take things a step further? This is where we introduce more advanced movements and programming to you completing your best runs to your best ability. Pain free and fast. The right programme tailored to you.

David couldn't walk and now he can run pain free

David naturally had his doubts as you would too. During online appointments, I can’t touch you but I can hear and see you. Everything you say and every movement you make is evidence to as to what is going on to cause your pain. In David’s case he had plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the foot) with hip impingements and hip flexor tendonitis.

David was in pain for 3 months and was pain free within 1 month of work. He made amazing progress he took ownership of his pain. He strengthened what was weak. His hip, knee and foot are now far more tolerant of force and therefore pain free. And you can be too Would you like a local generalist or an online specialist? Book in today

it's normal to doubt

When in pain, seeing someone who has the experience to help is essential! Now you have the team to help you

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