May Kovacova (Lv. 3 Dip)

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Personal Trainer

Inspiration doesn’t come in any greater portions than this. Gravesend based, Personal Trainer, May hasn’t always been the health and fitness enthusiast that stepped on stage last year (2015) to compete for the National Fitness Physique title. Just 4 years prior to that May weighed 16 stones, working long hours, highly caffeinated and highly addicted to sugar.

The gym was the last place May would have found solace until something happened. She was tired of being the way she was; people not noticing that she was there, not fit enough to do menial tasks. So she did the most powerful thing anyone can do to make a drastic change in the right direction. She decided to act. She changed her eating habits, started exercising and then started setting goals until before she knew it, 4 years later, May was standing on stage in the best shape of her life and delivering Personal Training throughout Gravesend.

May’s 4 Year Transformation

And the great thing is that she’s being doing the same thing with her clients ever since. And she’d just love to help you do the same thing.

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