Dr Natalie St Just

Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor and Life Coach

Natalie is passionate about mental well-being and after nearly 20 years of working in the field of mental health, has continued to promote the importance of looking after both our mind and our body to keep ourselves well in life. Her experiences in her work as a Clinical Psychologist and in her own life have led her to become curious as to how we can lead the best life we can no matter what life throws at us. She encourages looking after body and mind  because it can be so easy to forget about our mental health until we become ill. Natalie says:

“I love the idea that we can improve our mental health before we become ill.  We do things to improve our physical health, so why not do the same with our mental health.”

To this end, she is interested in exploring ways to help build resilience to life’s ups and downs. Through therapy she works with you, using a variety of techniques to help you work through difficulties and to step out of old unhelpful thinking habits.  She will give you the space and time needed to explore, understand and work on problems affecting your mental health.

As Natalie has progressed through her career, her pursuit for improving mental well-being has led her to begin training as a Life Coach. She was drawn to life coaching because it offers a goal- directed,  future-oriented approach which is a great way to support people in living their best life and in having a healthy mind and body. Natalie’s style of coaching is to work together with you, to help create strong foundations to maintain whatever changes you make.  She uses a combination of questioning, experimenting and follow up to achieve these goals. From her own experience, Natalie has found that coaching can be an incredibly powerful way of pinpointing what you value in life and taking action.

So if you feel ready to make a change in your life and need some help, contact Natalie to kick-start this exciting journey.

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