Can you train with a disc herniation? Here are some comforting facts

  1. Only 1-2% of disc herniations are painful
  2. Disc herniations are present in most pain free individuals over the age of 40
  3. Disc herniations spontaneously resolve in 7 months to 2 years

Jas is living testimony to this. A painful period of lower back pain actually inspired him to train to specifically strengthen his spine. Most disc herniations are pain free, so there’s no reason why yours can’t be too. By reducing pain, we can focus on recovery. 

For example, you’re not going to rest for the next 7 months (at least) but at the same time you probably aren’t going to go for surgery either. This means we are left with the best option of managing your recovery. Hands on treatment and advice to calm your pain and strengthening exercises to build your capacity are what it takes. 

In fact, the sooner we can get you back to doing the exercise you love, the better. Some more comforting facts


  1. People who exercise regularly tend to have bigger and better hydrated discs
  2. Regular exercise increases our tolerance to load and pain. This means less pain but if you are in pain, you have an easier time with it
  3. Exercise lowers inflammation in the body, reducing the likelihood of general aches and pains. 

Sound good? Listen to Jas for some more information. And if you need to book in, just go to the link below 

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