There is a huge fear that many people experience when it comes to seeking help. That is the fear of the intervention (ie counseling, osteopathy, training etc) actually working. 

And this makes complete sense. A lot of the time we tell ourselves stories which comfort us in the awful situation we are in. For example:


  • I can’t lose weight. I have a slow metabolism
  • My work is awful and makes me miserable but I can’t leave
  • My pain is here to stay; I have 2 prolapsed discs in my back
  • I’ve tried everything. My depression is here to stay

There are elements of truth in all of these statements but the greatest lie in them is that the speaker’s dark fate is absolute and inevitable. 

Yes a slower metabolism makes it more difficult to lose weight; your work might be awful; your pain might be severe; your depression might make your life a living hell but we have to set our focus on any possible glimmer of light that we might have. We must exercise hope. Hope drives us to action in the most dire of situations and even when the odds are stacked against us, we have a fighting chance. 

But sometimes we need a guide to help us to spot the light and keep our focus on it, and to keep moving in its direction. 

Listen to Trish explain in her own words why it’s never too late to seize hope and act. And if you’re interested in taking the first step, book in with her for counselling or life coaching. 

Go to to book a free consultation with her. 

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