I couldn’t walk and now I can run because of online Osteopathy | David Uzquiza

David naturally had his doubts as you would too. During online appointments, I can’t touch you but I can hear and see you. 
Everything you say and every movement you make is evidence to as to what is going on to cause your pain. 
In David’s case he had plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the foot) with hip impingements and hip flexor tendonitis. The case history and a few special tests narrowed this down. 
The issue with relying purely on face to face appointments with your osteopath, physio or chiropractor is that:

  1. you’re only limited to who you can see around your local area
  2. you can build reliance on treatment rather than rehab

David was in pain for 3 months and was pain free within 1 month of work. He made amazing progress he took ownership of his pain. He strengthened what was weak. His hip, knee and foot are now far more tolerant of force and therefore pain free. 
And you can be too
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