Watching Game of Thrones? Be careful because you might get too excited and crook your neck like Niki did

Now, first and foremost, if you think you know about nice jewellery, “You know nothing, John Snow…” until you have seen Niki’s “Nikita By Niki” range. Check her out on Instagram @NikiMahon #NikitaByNiki

So down the back of our neck we have “spinal erectors” that hold our head up. But when someone slashes someones head off or some White Walkers come out of nowhere, we want to look away and FAST.

Unfortunately, if our level of disgust or fear stimulates us to move too fast, these muscles can seize up. Often also caused by sleeping in a breezy room

So what do we do? Fortunately Ellie was able to smooth things out really quickly so that Niki could go back to making lovely jewellery and watching Game of Thrones with her eyes closed. By stripping the muscles with deep tissue massage and strengthening Niki’s neck with bespoke exercise, Niki will be better than ever

Some of the exercises we prescribe can be found at Check out the Neck Pack

And enjoy the final tonight! But remember, if you would like to book a free consultation, you just need to message us 🙂

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