Firstly apologies for the smile and for not providing pictures with similar poses, but these are 6 months apart. After the first picture (94kg) I dieted down to 81kg to compete in a deadlift competition and then sat fairly comfortably at 86kg until 6 weeks ago… when I was persuaded to enter a strongman competition and things started to change quite quickly.

I reduced body fat and my weight shot up to 94kg once again, but at a significantly different body composition

Before and After

Let’s start with why my training caused these changes and how to gain the same progress from your training regime with simple steps

StrongMan provides two components essential for muscle growth extremely effectively

  • Loading Muscle Mass
    • the aim is to lift as much weight as possible
  • Metabolic Stress
    • The high volume nature of strongman training causing metabolic changes to muscle mass resulting in growth

To incorporate these changes into your programme add the following

  • Negatives or Push Movements
    • these are great ways to load targeted muscles during the eccentric (down) phase of the lift
  • Drop Sets or Super Sets
    • these are a great way to add volume towards the end of your training session

My dietary changes were even more simplistic. The aims were simple, increase calorific consumption and pack as much nutrition into those calories as possible. This means whole foods, plenty of protein, plenty of fat. My daily diet at the moment is as follows

  • 1 Litre of Water, a Coffee and Super Greens mixed with Creatine and Orange Juice on waking
  • 3 Scrambled Eggs on 1 slice of Toast
  • 60g of Bircher Muesli mixed with Semi Skimmed Milk and Jam
  • 400g Red Meat or Pork (because I love it!) seasoned and made with vegetables and one small portion of carbohydrate
  • iMunch snacks (just go to to see the recipes we’re putting out through iMunch, our healthy snack range)
  • 1 Protein Shake (25g Protein)
  • Fish / Chicken and veg for dinner

So a fair bit of food but very little preparation and a lot of nutrition. If you want to achieve the same results, why not book in a free consultation? Our Personal Trainers will write you a programme tailored to your needs and Fazal, our Nutritionist will iron out your diet and streamline your progress!

Contact us via [email protected] or 01474 247 629

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