What if I told you that I could


  • improve your flexibility and mobility
  • enable you to sleep more deeply, waking feeling more refreshed and rested
  • tone your body and stabilise your blood pressure
  • and at the same time work to improve your mental health?


Hey, I’m Leyla, Revitalize’s Yogi. I’m here to help you to create a body and lifestyle that you love through Yoga. I provide group classes or home visits


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The truth is, I haven’t always cared for my body and mind the same way that I do now. Up until 8 years ago, I had experienced severe eating disorders; terrible experiences with yo-yo diets, depression and anxiety.


Yoga has taught me one thing: everything I need to feel peace and acceptance is within me. And it always has been
I want to help you to realise the same inner peace that I do… the toned abs are just a bonus 😉
I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry


    • I won’t turn you into a pretzel 🙂
    • My clients progress at their own pace. Not mine
    • There is no competition or judgement from anyone. Not me. Not others. And not you


I just want one thing from you. Your time.
Let me transform your home into your own Yoga sanctuary. Just for 30 or 60 minutes
I assure you, by the end, you will feel


    • toned from your core to your arms and legs
    • unity between your mind, body and spirit
    • complete immersion in relaxation


And to guarantee this, I’m offering you a 50% discount on your first booking
And if you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you a full refund


I offer classes at the Northfleet School for Girls Tuesday at 19:30
I will even visit you at your own home
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