We believe in treatment that is effective at achieving your goals and putting you in control of your pain. This means quicker recovery, less visits to the clinic and more time spent enjoying a pain free lifestyle, ASAP.

Simply put, pain or injury is  an inability for the body to absorb and react to force. With a scientifically supported approach to your injury, our Osteopaths
  • treat the area for maximal pain relief
  • offer ongoing and free advice to help reduce further injury and harm
  • guide mobilisation, strengthening and stabilisation of the injured area

*Over 1000 People from Gravesend and surrounding areas in the last year are now Pain Free thanks to Revitalize Osteopathy’s extremely well tested and successful approach to your healthcare


  • Total research based Osteopathic treatment to speed your recovery
  • High patient satisfaction; you know you’re in safe hands
  • Free support between your treatments; you’ll be supported until you’re pain free


*”I wish I had found Revitalize years ago having suffered from a broken back for near on 20 years and being told to live with it… I finally someone positive encouragement…. Followed by sessions with my personal trainer, Sarah, I can finally say I enjoy personal training can’t recommend you guys enough…” Anne-Marie Francis


Remember what it’s like to be pain free?
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Back pain that isn’t going away; shoulder and neck pain that’s hindering your activity, nerve impingement or sciatica. There is a great tendency to ignore pain, to let it get in the way of your routine or simply think there is no way out. There is. We’re happy to say that our method of treatment rehabilitation has enabled our patients to avoid knee replacements, spinal surgery and live a more active lifestyle.


And if you still have your doubts, we offer a free follow up treatment and assessment to anyone who hasn’t made a step closer to their pain free goal after their first treatment


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Alternatively, email us at info@revitalizeclinic.co.uk
*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person. We’ll be with you every step of the way
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