What is the best Calf training for Athletes? | #ASKELL by Ashraf

26th April 2017, Elliott Reid

Sparrow calves? We have an #ASKELL for you Calf training for #Athletes? | #ASKELL by @ashraf_ali99 Yes! Calf training is hugely beneficial BUT it has to be the right way. The calf muscle is built to absorb force and utilise it with maximal efficiency and explosiveness Therefore prioritise pylometrics over concentric to eccentric movements Try…

Are Online Coaches Good? | #ASKELL by Kasper

26th April 2017, Elliott Reid

  Back pain is an absolute hinderance to… everything more or less Jas knows this more than anyone. After herniating a disc in his lower back, he worked and worked to find a routine that not only healed his back, but made it stronger than ever Here are Jas’ top 3 tips to training with…

How to Reach Your Full Potential this Season using 2 key pieces of equipment

3rd January 2017, Elliott Reid

You bulked up a little this Christmas? Don’t worry, we’re going to put that to good use. Body fat is good. It increases the production of hormones like insulin and testosterone which are great for muscle growth BUT unfortunately too much can be an unnecessary hindrance. I’m, Elliott Reid, owner of the Revitalize Clinic and…

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